Custom Leather and Gemstone Jewelry
  • Lotus Flower with Gemstone Charm boho necklace


    Stainless steel Lotus flower with gemstone charm.

    The Lotus flower is a symbol of new beginnings

    Available charms in order of appearance from left to right in second picture.

    Rose Quartz is calming and promotes unconditional love and self-love. It also attracts love and is known to heal the heart.

    Apatite stimulates creativity and intellect. Clears confusion. It is a stone of manifestation and motivation.

    Carnelian stimulates creativity, is a motivator for success. It is also known to calm anger.

    Amethyst is protective, calming and centering. It is also known to support sobriety.

    Citrine is a protective crystal that attracts wealth, prosperity and success along with helping with energy and motivation.